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If you are a trader, you have probably decided to write down your trades so that in the future you will have a complete list of your trades and by checking them you will notice your mistakes and use the experience gained from them in the next trades and improve your performance. If you want to write down the trades in a regular notebook or in a trading journal, after a few months you will come across a pile of notes, which will be very difficult and exhausting to refer to and find the best and worst trades. And if you want to find the chart of one of your trades, you will have to spend a lot of time on this. So what is the solution?

TradeReview site is a very good solution. On this site, you can register trade details. Details such as buying price and selling price, buying amount and selling amount, buying time and selling time, chart photos at the time of buying, chart photos at the time of selling, reasons for buying and reasons for selling and...

In TradeReview, you can access the list of trades and the details of each one in the shortest possible time, and you can evaluate and manage them.

trade review

TradeReview is designed for spot trading of crypto currency.


You can do your trades based on USDT. So in this case, your goal is to increase your USDT balance. Therefore:

For example, in the first trade, you buy some BTC from the BTC/USDT currency pair and register its details on the Trade Review site and wait for the sale to be completed. You also record the details after the sale.

In the next trade, you buy some ETH from the ETH/USDT currency pair and record its details on the Trade Review site and wait for the sale to be completed. You also record the details after the sale.

For example, in the next trade, you buy some SOL from the SOL/USDT currency pair and record its details on the Trade Review site and wait for the sale to be completed. You also record the details after the sale.

and ...

And so you register your trades.

With the passage of time, you can see the increase or decrease of your USDT balance and evaluate the efficiency of your trades accurately and in a user-friendly environment.

You can register all transactions intelligently by registering the API of the exchange on the TradeReview website. In an attractive and graphic environment, see the recommended charts with the desired position. Modify the position based on your analysis and style. A suitable and standard position is suggested to you. Then, with one click, buy order, stoploss order and target order are transferred to the exchange. With this method, there is no need to exchange and deal with different pages and complicated login. Because all the steps are done intelligently, that is, whenever a buy is made, stop loss and target orders are activated in the exchange. And when the stoploss or target is completed, it will be recorded in your panel in Trade Review.

In TradeReview, you can:

- After buying the currency, record the trade with full details and edit and complete it after selling the currency.

- With one click, sort and view the most profitable traders and the most unprofitable traders.

- Record photos for each trade in different time frames and view the photos at any time with one click.

- View and check the profit or loss of each trade and the overall profit or loss.

- Evaluate the performance of past trades.

- Estimate the number of trades and the number of days left to reach a desired income (based on past performance).

- Check your performance in a desired period of time.

- Record detailed rules based on your trading style.

- View and analyze the proposed signals with a dedicated chart.

- Automatically transfer trade information to the exchange by entering API codes of the exchange. If you want to trade without opening the exchange, use this section. In this case, every trade you register on the TradeReview site, a stop market order will be automatically opened in the exchange first, and that order will be monitored every minute. If that order is finalized in the exchange, two stop market orders will be placed. (one for the target and the other for the stoploss) is registered in the exchange. Whenever one of those two orders is finalized in the exchange, the relevant trade is also updated on the TradeReview website.

and ...

An example of the list of trades in a time period:

trades list

In the above example, you can see that in a period of 4 days, 5 trades were made, of which 3 trades (half of the trades) hit the target. And the trader made a total profit of 20.52%. If this trader continues to work like this, he can increase his income to 50,000 USDT in 139 days. while, the trader's initial balance was only 81.3 USDT.

An example of the form for registering and editing trade information:

Registration form and notes

An example of a chart photo of a successful trade that the trader recorded for one of his trades:

A picture of a successful trade

If you want to be professional in trading, you need to write down your trades accurately and regularly and refer to them consistently and evaluate your past.

Trade Review has made it possible to record your trades regularly and review them in general or in detail at any time and improve your performance.

also TradeReview speeds up your trading process. For example, you can transfer several trades to the exchange during one hour.

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